Mr. Gipson is a phenomenal teacher, who exposes his students to many aspects of life, and also learns from his students. He often has his students demonstrate lessons in presentations and discussions where every student participates. He encourages students to be themselves, as they go through life. Mr. Gipson ensures that the differences and similarities of the students are expressed and welcomed. When he isn’t teaching he is listening to music and dancing and having fun with his friends. He is also a great chef.

“Teaching is the most rewarding profession.”

“Every year I meet students who will be successful, and change the world for the better.”

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#Softballgirls #Blackrestaurants

Michelle is an African American girl with a good sense of humor who makes others laugh. She plays softball and enjoys playing games with her family and friends.  She loves swimming at her grandparents’ house with her siblings and cousins. Her parents own a restaurant and bakery and she wants to have a career in the restaurant business when she gets older.

“Meet my older sister Denisia and my younger brother Montrelle.”

“We have a dog named Smoke.”

“We have fun at my grandparents’ house all year. They have a pool in their yard and swim all summer.”

“My mom and my dad are great cooks and they own a bakery and restaurant. I help out.”

“My softball team is awesome. Our season was undefeated!”

“I love hanging out with my best friends Niya, Kylie and Reina.”

Allyssa is a Jewish American girl, who plays the piano. She has great intellect and often teaches the class about Jewish religious customs. Her future career choice is an accountant and she already has a lot of knowledge of a financial and money background.

“I play the piano. It’s my favorite, because I can play so many types of music”

“We have so many Jewish holidays and traditions.”

“Hanukah is my favorite holiday of them all.”

#Pianogirls #Jewishlife
#Gymnasticsrules #FutureOlympian

Kaitlyn is a Caucasian American girl, who enjoys gymnastics and camping. Her career goal is to be a professional gymnast and later a coach.

“Everyone cheers when I complete my routine.”

“I’m good at every new thing my coach teaches me.”

Reina is a Hawaiian girl, with a good spirit who loves the beach and doing girly things with her friends. She teaches the class about her Pacific Island customs. Her career goal is to be a Registered nurse to help people.

“My family came from Hawaii. We are Pacific Islanders.”

“I love our culture. My grandfather sings songs to me when he play the ukulele.”

“I wear a lot of flowers and colors.”

“I do volunteer work and helps others.”

“When I’m older I’ll become a registered nurse and helps others.”

#Pacificislander #RN
#Computerscience #Magictricks #Strings

Daniel is Vietnamese boy, who plays the cello. He enjoys magic and loves to travel with his family. He will have a career in computer science.

“I play the cello. The strings family is the best.”

“When school ends it’s time to travel with the family.”
“Want to see a magic trick?”

Arjun is an Indian American boy, who enjoys lacrosse and participating in events that involve Indian food and culture, which he teaches his classmates about. He is highly intelligent and hardworking, and will become a doctor when he is older, but he is not sure which type.

“I’m great at Lacrosse. I teach people about it, because not every one knows what it is.”

“Indian food is the best.”

#Indianfood #Lacrosse #Futuredoctor
#Indianwedding #Bollywood #Girlengineer

Hana is an Indian girl, who loves swimming and traditional Indian clothes. She loves Indian Bollywood movies and plays. Her career will be a chemical engineer like her father when she gets older.

“Indian weddings are beautiful. I love to dress up.”

“I always make new discoveries with my chemistry set.”

Emma is a Honduran American girl, who loves art and drama camp. She enjoys Latino culture, such as food and Quinceanera birthday parties. Her career will be an artist as she can paint and draw. Her parents are now divorced. She used art therapy to handle their separation.

“Art is life for me.”

“Everyone loves my paintings and drawings.”

“My bedroom is a showcase.”

#Latinaartist #Honduras #Quinceanera
#ItalianNewYork #Militaryfamily

Kody comes from a strongly cultural Italian heritage family, and he moved from New York. He enjoys video games, Italian food and water guns. His family has been in the military for generations, and he will join the military when he is old enough.

“I love Italian food and I love my Italian family.”

“One day I’ll have high rank in the military.”

Johari is a Nigerian American boy, who he loves the food and festivals of his Nigerian culture. He plays basketball and loves listening and dancing to Afro beats music, which he introduces to the class. He will become a dentist along with other families, and they will have a family dentistry.

“Afrobeats music is the best.”

“Basketball is life.”

“Nigerians are the coolest.”

#Nigerianfood #Afrobeats #Naija
#BlackandAsian #Ballet

Misa is an African American and Chinese girl, who enjoys ballet. She embraces her culture and heritage from both sides, as she enjoys traditional Chinese culture and Urban African American culture such. This blend of ethnicities allows her to have a strong history and wide range of many things such as knowledge, food, clothes and more.

“I get the best of both worlds being Black and Chinese.”

“I’ve been doing ballet since I was 3.”

“I wear a Chinese dress sometimes.”

“I love hip hop clothes too.”

Zoey is a tough biracial girl, who is African American and Caucasian. She plays the violin, but skateboarding is her passion and main hobby, as she competes in competitions. Her career goal is to be a Business Executive.

“Skateboarding is my life.”

“You can see me do tricks and catch air.”

“I play the violin too.”

#Skatergirls #Strings
#Fisherboy #Futurefirefighter

Dietrich is a quiet, but friendly boy of German heritage. Fishing is his family’s sport as they enter tournaments and always win. He will become a firefighter when he gets older.

“My family goes fishing all year long.”

“We enter tournaments and we usually win.”

Bryce is an African American boy, who is very successful at boxing and also runs track. He loves eating Southern food with his family. His career goal is to become a teacher and principal.

“I’ve been boxing since I was 5.”

“When track season comes I run and still have boxing practice.”

“I can eat a lot of calories as an athlete.”

#Boxing #Futureteacher #Southernfood
#MexicanAmerican #Soccerkids

Juan is a Mexican American boy, who enjoys soccer and loves Mexican food and barbecue. He is very proud of his culture. He and his family go on a cruise every year. He will become a pilot one-day.

“I’m part of a big Mexican American family.”

“Soccer is everything.”

“Delonn is my teammate and classmate. We’re the best players on the team.”

Delonn is a Jamaican American boy, with deadlocked hair. He runs track and plays soccer. He is very proud of his Jamaican culture as he loves the food, speaks the Patois language, and dances to the dance hall music.

“I run track and play soccer with my best friend Juan.”

“Jamaican culture is the best. Our food is awesome.”

“Cue the Jamaican music and watch me dance.”

#Jamicanlife #Jamaicanmusic #Soccerkids
#HBCUfamily #Pinkandgreen #Girlsincharge #Majorette

Niya is an African American girl, who is very intelligent, social and is terrific at cheerleading and dance. She comes from a family of generations of educated family members who attended the same HBCU (Historical Black Colleges and Universities). This has a major impact on her character, as she introduces the traditions such as to other students such as sororities and fraternities.  Her goal is to become a choreographer and own a dance studio.

“Education first is my family’s motto.”

“I’m a majorette dancer and a cheerleader. Dance is life.”

“Pink and green everything for my family’s sorority.”

“I still make time for my friends.”

Jaylen is a Creole (African American, Caucasian, and Native American heritage) boy who plays the drums, since his grandfather who is in a band introduced him to music as baby. He loves Creole food and will have a career in computer science.

“Creole food is delicious.”

“Listen to me play the drums.”

“One day I’ll design computer programs for everyone.”

#Creole #Drummerboy #Computerscience
#Tennisgirls #Girlsincharge

Kylie is a Caucasian girl, who loves tennis and parades. She has bossy personality, but she is not rude or mean. She will become a successful reporter when she gets older.

“Tennis is my sport. I play doubles matches with friend Chloe.”

“My dad nicknamed me boss lady and says I’ll be in charge when I have a career.”

“I love my big brothers.”

Aidan is a Caucasian boy, who enjoys spending time with his brothers. He is into active sports and activities such as martial arts, skating, breakdancing, camping, and jet skiing. He balances academics and fun well as he a great student and will become a Civil Engineer and have famous buildings around the world.

“Let’s do something fun.”

“I love doing anything active or outdoors.”

“Extreme sports? Count me in.”

#Tangsodoo #Extremesports #Futureengineer #Brothers