Culture Kids

Careers: The Future Me– Mr. Gipson previously told the class to dress up for the career they plan on having and discuss it with the class. The students tell about what they want to be when they get older.

Traveling and Vacations- When the new school year begins, Mr. Gipson asks the class what he or she did over the summer. The students discuss the places they went and the places are near and far. Some students went to different cities, states and even different countries!

The Best of Culture? – Mr. Gipson tells the class they are beginning their unit on culture. When he asks what culture is, Niya begins and explains that culture can be language, beliefs, religion, art, music instruments, dance, food and clothes. Everyone in class participates in the discussion and gives examples of the best things about their culture.

How did you celebrate your birthday? As Mr. Gipson’s class celebrates Daniel’s birthday, the class tells how he or she previously celebrated their birthday. Some students also explain how birthdays are celebrated within his or her culture such as those who are Jewish, Nigerian and Latino.