Culture Kids Presents

Kylie & Niya: Boss Ladies- Mr. Gipson tells the class it’s women’s history month and they will discuss the accomplishments of women. Kylie and Niya discuss their future goals and plans a they tell the class about the path they will take to become successful women.

Juan & Emma: Proud Latinx- Mr. Gipson tells the class they are going to celebrate Hispanic heritage month. Juan and Emma give a presentation on Hispanic Heritage and explain their families’ culture.

Aidan & Kody: Life Changes- Mr. Gipson tells the class they are going to discuss events that changed their lives. Aidan discusses his parents getting divorced and Kody discusses his family moving from New York.

Niya; My HBCU Family- Culture Kids presents; Niya; My HBCU Family. When it’s Niya’s turn to share her presentation for Mr. Gipson’s class, she tells the class about her HBCU Family. An HBCU is a historical black college or university. These schools were created when Black people couldn’t go to the same school as White people. Niya’s family has been going to the same HBCU university for years and she takes the class on a tour with pictures and videos that tell stories. Join Niya as she shows everything that makes her family’s school great.

Join Niya as she talks about all of the fun things that happen in the big round building called a dome. Learn about watching the football game and tailgating with food outside. There are the Greek organizations of sororities and fraternities, with their different colors and letters. Niya tells about their stepping and dancing. One day Niya will join the same sorority as her grandmother, mother and sister before her.

Niya’s grandparents went to this HBCU school and her parents met in college. This means a lot to her. Her brother and sister go to school there and prepare her for the future. Niya’s plan is going to the same school when she’s older and become a fabulous beautiful majorette dancer. They can be seen dancing by what is said to be the greatest college band of all time!!

This HBCU is popular for the school of nursing, engineering, business and has a famous law school. Niya also talks about the best parts of college, which is making lifelong friends and of course graduation, where she shows how celebrations are done the HBCU way!! Join Niya on this adventure as she tells the story of her HBCU family.